New PROJECT skins hit the Rift in League’s Patch 9.15

Get your wallets ready—a shiny new set of PROJECT skins is hitting the Rift this week with the release of Patch 9.15.

Pyke, Jinx, Akali, Warwick, and Irelia are all receiving new looks based on the futuristic, assassin-themed skin line. Of the five new skins, PROJECT: Pyke stands out as a Legendary skin at 1820 RP. The Bloodharbor Ripper’s new look will come with a full voice-over and set of emotes, which range from the assassin jamming out on an electric guitar and throwing orange snakes everywhere.

The remaining four skins will cost 1,350 RP and will come with new models and recall animations. Additionally, the skins feature new visual and sound effects for each of the champions’ respective abilities to fit with the PROJECT skin line.

Irelia will be the lucky recipient for this patch cycle’s Prestige skin. The limited edition, gold-crested version of the PROJECT skin will be available in the client’s crafting tab during the PROJECT event for 2,000 event tokens.

Each of the new skins (excluding PROJECT: Irelia and its Prestige variant) will come with their own set of chromas fans can pick up from the client store for additional purchase.

Patch 9.15 is set to drop tomorrow morning, but the new batch of skins won’t become available for purchase until Aug. 1 the following day.

Here are all of the new PROJECT skins coming in Patch 9.15.


Image via Riot Games


Image via Riot Games


Image via Riot Games

PROJECT: Warwick

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Prestige PROJECT: Irelia

Image via Riot Games